Neck Trimmer

Neck Trimmer
Neck Trimmer
Neck Trimmer
Neck Trimmer

Neck Trimmer



Conventional packing method is first with bottle rinsing, then filling. But nowadays a
modern better method to meet the food sanitary requirements is to reserve the tops
of the bottle necks before bottles are sent to the beverage factory. As the top
necks of bottles are eliminated by the neck trimmer, then sent into the filler at once.
The advantages are no need to rinse the empty bottles to save the water and avoid
cleaning liquid remains in the bottles and the problem of waste water treatment.
Neck trimmer is a rotary machine. It's suitable for eliminating the top neck of HDPE
bottles. The change parts are easily exchangeable for handing different bottles size
and the operation is performed without using any tools. The machine includes
electric height adjustment for different size of bottles. It's very convenient to adjust the
height of machine. The tops are removed through a funnel immediately after being
cut off. The bottles which have not been cut are ejected by inspection system located
on the exit of machine.
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